Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new kitchen or a My Kitchen Makeover?

Most kitchens that have been built since the 1990s are structurally sound, have cabinetry that can usually be retained and the general layout of the kitchen suits the space within the house.  If this is the case, you don't need a new kitchen, so why replace what's already functionally sound.  You can literally save thousands by doing a My Kitchen Makeover instead of ripping out and starting again.

Over the last 20 - 30 years, kitchens were usually built using Melamine lined MDF internal panels (white lining inside the cabinetry), with Meltica or Melamine covered cupboard doors, drawers and external panels.  Most often in colours that were the fashion then but now are well and truly out of date.

Benchtops were made from Laminate (e.g. Formica) that could now be heat or water damaged, worn and/or stained, and also in colours that are also well out of fashion.

Using the My Kitchen Makeover process, we can give your kitchen a much needed upgrade, so that your made-over kitchen will have much better quality finishes than the original kitchen, at around half the price or less.


How is this possible?  

It is very cost effective to professionally lacquer over your new and existing cabinetry (doors, drawers and panels), in any colour within the Resene colour range and replace your existing Formica benchtops with beautiful Engineered Stone, for much less than the cost of a starting again.  By doing this you end up with what effectively a brand new kitchen.

Should you require cabinetry alterations, this also isn't a problem.  Our Danish trained cabinetmaker and his team can enhance the functionality of the kitchen by working his magic - such as turning cupboards into soft closed drawers, adding extra storage and design features plus any other alterations you desire.

If your kitchen is too old to be madeover, our experienced designers can also create the new kitchen of your dreams at an extremely competitive price by using the same high quality products that we use for makeovers.

The My Kitchen Makeover team will help you create a kitchen that you will love to spend time in, and if you're selling your home, updating your kitchen will greatly enhance the value of the home.


How do I know if my kitchen can be made over?

My Kitchen Makeovers best suit kitchens that have been built after 1990 (i.e. are around 20 years old o). The easiest way to tell the age of your kitchen is by looking at the date on your house plans (if you have them).

Alternatively, just measure the width of your bench tops – if most of the bench tops are 590mm or wider, and the inside of the cabinets aren’t made of solid timber, then your kitchen should be suitable for a My Kitchen Makeover.

Another way to tell is if your kitchen cabinetry has white internal linings andthe hinges are on the insides of the doors – if they do then it can usually be made over.


What sort of cabinetry alterations and additions can I have?

Our highly trained cabinetmaker is profficient at creating solutions to improve your kitchen's functionality and ascetics.

Some examples of popular alterations and additions include:

  • Converting cupboards into drawers (full extension with soft close runners)
  • Changing cabinets and oven towers to accommodate new appliances
  • Installing new pantry's, cupboards and drawers to add more storage space
  • Coverting cupboards into double rubbish bin drawers
  • Installing bulkheads above tall cabinets to enhance the look of your kitchen
  • Coming up with creative solutions to store your on-bench applicances (e.g. blenders and tooasters)
  • Creating new spaces to add a larger refrigerator, microwave or double oven


Why should I choose a lacquered finish for my kitchen?

Lacquer is one of the most durable kitchen finishes available, and it has some distinct advantages over other door, drawer and panel products:  

Why do we recommend our professionally applied 2 pot lacquer:

  • Lacquer offers virtually unlimited colour choices (you can choose any colour from the Resene colour range – which means that you can easily colour co-ordinate with the rest of your interior decor)
  • Lacquer doesn’t peel (which can happen over time to thermo-wrapped and edge-wrapped doors)
  • Lacquer is heat resistant (whereas thermo-wrapped and edge-wrapped doors are affected by heat because the glue that fixes the wrap to the door can delaminate from the door substrate underneath)
  • Lacquer is very easy to clean (all you need is warm soapy water)
  • Lacquer has the same strength as the paint on your car (in fact, both products are made by the same manufacturer - PPG Industries)
  • Lacquer is renowned for its extremely high fade resistance (perfect for NZ's climate and high UV rays)
  • Lacquer can easily be re-sprayed, re-touched and colour matched at any time in the future (which means you can easily make changes to your kitchen design or fit new appliances at a later date)
  • Lacquer can be re-lacquered at any time (meaning that it's an easy, cost effective solution to update the colour of your kitchen as interior fashions change, or if you decide to sell your house and the colour is out of date)
  • Lacquer is an environmentally friendly choice (because in 99% of cases we can lacquer over your existing doors, drawers and panels, so that they don't need to be disposed of, therefore creating less waste in our Environment)
  • We offer a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on all of our lacquer work (so you can be assured of a high quality, long-lasting finish that will stand the test of time).


What is the difference between Engineered Stone and Granite?

Engineered Stone is a combination of Granite and Quartz, which has been formulated to create a hard wearing surface that looks and feels like granite, but has several distinct advantages:

  • Engineered Stone is highly stain resitance
  • Engineered Stone is very hard wearing
  • Engineered Stone is scratch resistant
  • Engineered Stone will stand the test of time (which is why it comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty)
  • Engineered Stone is available in 20 unique colours which have been custom designed to suit the New Zealand palette
  • Engineered Stone is manufactureed using Environmentally sustainable practice


Why are My Kitchen Makeover's considered to be hassle-free?

My Kitchen Makeover professionally manages your entire kitchen makeover - ensuring that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

All parts of your My Kitchen Makeover are co-ordinated so that the additions and/or alterations to your cabinetry, professional lacquering of your kitchen door fronts, drawers and panels, installation of your Engineered Stone benchtops and fitting of your new accessories and fashionable Feature Glass splashback(s) are organised efficiently.

Because this is a makeover (and not a kitchen replacement), you will find it is completed quickly and with much less hassle (and significantly less mess) than ripping out your old kitchen and starting all over again.

Using our proven, time efficient and stress free process guarantees that you will be much more relaxed, in both your daily life and about your finances.


Does My Kitchen Makeover use New Zealand made products?

The short answer is Yes. My Kitchen Makeover have put considerable time and effort into sourcing first rate products from New Zealand that meet our high expectations of quality, durability and value.

We've done all the hard work for you, so that you can have New Zealand made, top quality products in your kitchen at extremely affordable prices – all of which come with the peace of mind of individual manufacturer warranties.

Please note that most sinks, taps and some other accessories are manufactured overseas.


How can I meet with a My Kitchen Makeover designer?

To discuss your makeover ideas in more detail, book a free in home design consultation by calling us on 0800 696 253 or by filling out our contact form today.

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