High Quality Door Finishes

Complete your doors, drawer fronts and panels in your choice of designer finish

My Kitchen Makeover offers three high quality door finishes – Two-pot Lacquer and Meltica.

By offering these products, you can be assured of a high quality finish door, drawer and panel finish that you’ll love, and which personalise your upgraded kitchen.

My Kitchen Makeovers | High Quality Door Finishes

If you are after a wider variety of colours and sheens then lacquer maybe better suited for you.  Our DuraCote two pot lacquer, comes in the widest possible selection of colours because you can choose from the entire Resene colour range. 

This makes it easier to co-ordinate your kitchen finished and tie it in with your wall colouring, floor finishes and benchtops.

From an installation point of view, lacquer can be applied on-site if required, so that stubborn cabinetry and panels don’t need to be removed if it is easier and more cost effective.

Melteca door finish comes in a range of colours and finishes and is manufactured to last the test of time.  Now available in Satin, Woodgrain and High Gloss, with a variety of different edgings, so you can be assured that your design needs will be well looked after.

My Kitchen Makeover’s designers will work with you to determine the best possible finish for your kitchen and regardless of which product you choose you can be assured that the installation and finish will be top notch.

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