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Modern accessories and a Feature Glass splashback will compliment your kitchen makeover.

Choose from our stylish range of designer sinks, taps and handles:

We have a wide range of designer sinks and taps to choose from, plus over 50 different styles of modern and aged handles which will suit any style of kitchen - from ultra modern to French Colonial

Using My Kitchen Makeover to supply your sinks, taps and handles will assist us to provide you with the seamless makeover experience that you desire, plus we have carefully chosen our range of accessories to meet our very high quality standards and design requirements.

We have done all of the hard work for you by creating a range of accessories that we personally recommend so that you not only receive a top quality product, but also peace of mind.

My Kitchen Makeovers accessories come with comprehensive warranties

My Kitchen Makeover | Stylish accessories for the perfect finishing touch

Complete the look with a Feature Glass splashback:

A Feature Glass splash back is the perfect accessory to complement your new kitchen and cupboards – plus, Feature Glass splashbacks have several major advantages:

- Easy to clean
- Durable
- Heat-resistant
- Fixed cleanly to the wall without holes or screws

You can either choose from our standard colour range or any Resene colour to seamlessly blend in the colour with the rest of your kitchen makeover, or to make a fashion statement!

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